Chief ndungu lingoji has died

Chief ndungu lingoji has died

The luvale speaking of Zambezi district have again lost a traditional ruler barely a year after being installed.

Chief lingoji who until his death was interim chief ndungu as his ascendance to the throne was challenged in the Lusaka high court has reportedly passed on

Chinyama ngundu who was installed as chief ndungu the ninth last year following the death of his uncle chief ndungu songe ngundu the eighth in 2020. is said to have been a case of brought in dead at the chavuma district mission hospital.

Ngundu ascendance to the ngungu throne received wide opposition from amongst Luvales on the throne against the will of the majority.

This led ndungu hopeful willy chinyama kawale to sue him in the Lusaka high court as he claimed he was the chosen one and blessed to sit on the throne by chief chinyama Cha mukwamayi the supreme ruler of the Luvales in zambia, Angola and congo DR as well as the people of Zambezi district.

The judgement for the case in the Lusaka high court was scheduled for this month end.

This also affected the likumbi lya mize traditional ceremony which could not be held due to a court order that barred chinyama ngundu from using the ngungu title until judgement.

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