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Fresh’Outta So’ Good Entertainment Chuzhe Int comes up with a very catchy and thought-provoking song called “M’panda Mano,” featuring Mr. Spoon Mwaba, a talented uprising artist.

Parenting is just as scary as it is exciting. Unfortunately, there has been a massive influx of single-parent cases, which usually end up with a grandparent taking up the role of a parent for one reason or another. Chuzhe Int & Spoon Mwaba link up on this epic 2amrockesque record and try to give us food for thought by telling the story from the vantage point of the son. Spoon Mwaba comes in as the grandfather caring for him and gives his 2 cents about the father who left many years ago. This thought-provoking song is most definitely worthy of having a part 2, but let’s not spoil it too much.

The song produced, mixed, and mastered by Briness comes with an engaging music video shot and directed by Lanzee Cooper.

You’ll enjoy this collaboration between Chuzhe Int and Mr. Spoon Mwaba as they complimented each other so well by the song’s theme.

Download: Chuzhe Int Mpanda Mano Ft Mr Spoon Mwaba.mp3

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