Sad news: Zambia army commado die after snake bite

Sad news: Zambia army commado die after snake bite

Ngonga chiyesu from Zambezi district who used to work as a zambia Army special forces instractor was bitter by a snake in an ‘ operation gone wrong incident during one of his training sessions in Zambia district.
Chiyesu had worked for many years in the army as an expert ienced survivor commando expert and trained many zambian in the Army is special forces.
On Thursday afternoon, Chiyesu was on one his normally survivor fourteen when he got bitten by a deadly puff adder to end has life after a reportedly delayed first and in the bush.
Before joining the Army the snake expert who specialized in handing serpents , was popularly known for training youth, in Zambezi district Jodo and Martial arts.
Chiyesu has been praised for has bravery by the zambia Army command who described him a patriotic zambian who dedicated his eatire life to protect and defend the country in the zambia Army special forces.
He has since been put to rest today in Lusaka during a military send off funeral are many.
( Sourcee: Northern Western newspaper

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